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Estate planning is an area that many people postpone or even neglect for various reasons. Many believe it is an issue for which only the elderly or the very wealthy should be concerned. However, if you own anything at all, you have an estate and you can benefit from creating a plan. These plans will not only protect your assets and ensure your family members obtain the assets you designate, they can provide instructions and safeguards for other matters as well. They can address many financial, legal, and even personal affairs. 

What Is An Estate Planning Attorney?

As a Franklin estate planning lawyer, I can help you understand how estate plans work, educate you on the various legal tools and options available, and assist you in designing a customized estate plan that will work for you. Your plan will address the specifics of your estate, your personalized needs, and your goals in passing on your property to your loved ones and other beneficiaries. A well-crafted estate plan includes precise documents that are generally deemed to be legally binding and enforceable by the courts. 

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Personalized & Effective Estate Planning Services

An estate plan helps assure that the disposition of your assets is carried out according to your wishes. Furthermore, creating an estate plan will save your loved one’s undue stress after you have passed away. Your estate plan can include a will, trust, Powers of Attorney and advanced directives.  Not having an estate plan in place could result in relatives, friends, and charities receiving nothing. An estate plan reduces the chance of disputes or litigation that can diminish the value of your estate. 

Knowing you have an estate plan that protects your assets as well as your loved ones can give you peace of mind. My priority as your estate planning lawyer is to ensure that your plan is comprehensive, clear, and specific to your needs and that it is updated or maintained when needed. 

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