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You Have the Right To Protect Yourself

Successfully navigating the intricate landscape of domestic violence cases demand the expertise of an empathetic attorney well-acquainted with the Tennessee legal system. At Shanone Emmack Attorney at Law, attorney Shanone Emmack is here to offer you the legal support you need during these challenging circumstances.

Whether you're pursuing an Order of Protection or responding to allegations, our Franklin-based domestic violence attorneys are dedicated to steering you through the process and assertively safeguarding your rights. With an in-depth grasp of local court dynamics, we bring a tailored approach to every case.

We have handled both sides of Orders of Protection. Begin a free consultation with a qualified protection order lawyer in Franklin by completing our online form or dialing (615) 205-8183.

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Ensuring Your Rights And Future With an Order of Protection

An Order of Protection, also known as a Restraining Order, is designed to safeguard individuals from potential harm in specific domestic relationships. Our Franklin restraining order lawyer is dedicated to helping you understand the nuances of these orders and their implications.

We are here to assist if you are:

  • Married, living together, or used to live together
  • Parents of a child or children
  • Dating, former dating partners, or have had a sexual relationship
  • Related by blood, adoption, or in-law
  • Facing situations involving stalking, sexual assault, or other specific circumstances

Required Factors for an Order of Protection

In Tennessee, courts consider several factors when determining the appropriateness of an Order of Protection. These include the following:

  • The nature of the relationship between parties
  • The seriousness of allegations
  • Pending litigation
  • The presence of minor children or pets


Consult with a Skilled Franklin Restraining Order Lawyer

Your future and family's well-being are our top priorities. The implications of a restraining order or order of protection can have a widespread impact, influencing areas ranging from housing and employment to personal liberties. Conversely, we also stand strong for individuals seeking an order of protection against someone. Our professional legal team, led by Attorney Emmack, is committed to tirelessly upholding your rights.

For navigating the legal intricacies of domestic violence cases in TN, get in contact with our accomplished attorney. Benefit from a complimentary initial consultation, where our extensive expertise will provide you with the guidance and assistance essential to safeguarding your future.

If you are seeking an order of protection against someone or need to defend yourself against allegations, make an appointment to speak with a Franklin restraining order lawyer at Shanone Emmack Attorney at Law. Contact us at (615) 205-8183 or complete our form.


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